Lend-Invest Your Money

Lend-Invest Your Money

Lend Via One Of Our “Secured Loan Property Lender Groups”

For you the investor, our primary concern is connecting your money with suitable borrowers and generating an attractive rate of return.

So with your help as a lender we can offer credit-worthy borrowers access to competitive commercial property finance.


  • Apply for a Lender Agreement into your selected Lender Group.
  • Deposit your money.
  • Receipt & written agreement as acknowledgement.
  • Updates as required or via statements sent annually.

Interest Rates:

  • Terms are subject to alteration & updated rates are available by request.


Potential lenders are advised that OSC only accepts lending of a minimum term of 12 months.

Capital Growth:

Accruing interest can be automatically reinvested and left to accumulate within the investors account, this is the choice of the investors.


Monthly or annual Income can be taken and remitted to the investor’s bank account.


OSC is regulated directly by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to operate an Electronic Platform for Lending. OSC does not offer or advertise Lender or Borrower opportunities concerning regulated loans.

What are the safeguards for an investor?

We endeavour to safeguard our investors by having various measures in place. This includes but is not limited to:

  • You can diversify your risk by choosing to spread your investment across a portfolio of loans or restrict your choice to only a few opportunities.
  • Every lending proposition will be assessed by our credit team to check its suitability.
  • All prospective borrowers will be assessed for & will need to demonstrate clear affordability.
  • All loans will be prepared & executed with clients using documents prepared by our solicitors.
  • Orchard Secured Capital will only lend to individuals and businesses that have suitable property security; as assessed and indemnified by an RICS ‘Red-book’ valuation report by an established firm of Chartered Surveyors.
  • Legal charges will be granted directly in favour of our investors and placed on the appropriate register.
  • Orchard Secured Capital will maintain the capital adequacy prescribed by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA.
  • We maintain a detailed register of investors and their deposits.
  • In arranging this investment and preparing the structure, Orchard Secured Capital and its shareholders have taken advice from various professionals including a solicitor, accountant and financial advisor.

A Guide To Investor Security Against Loans

  • OSC will always have a legal charge granted in favour of our individual investors.
  • Security & charges against it will be recorded on the appropriate register e.g. Land registry for property, Companies house for charge over shares or specific loans.
  • Additional security in the form of legal agreements will be signed by the borrower e.g. Loan Agreement, Personal Guarantee & Power of Attorney
  • Each Borrower Proposal will be fully vetted and underwritten by OSC’s experienced Commercial Property Finance Team, prior to being advertised on this site.

Risk Warnings For Lenders

All risks can lead to a reduction in the rate of return and a partial or full loss of original invested capital. Examples of such events may include but are not limited to:

  • Lending to individuals & businesses can result in payment defaults & arrears.
  • Some borrowers may have a shortfall by owing more at the end of the term than the value of their asset.
  • The value of the asset used as suitable security may go down in value over the term and could lead to a shortfall on the proposed repayment date.
  • The costs of issuing legal proceedings against a borrower in breach of their agreement can often be high and cause losses by lender groups.
  • The cost of enforcing legal action can also be high and cause losses by lender groups.


Whilst OSC seeks to minimise the risks to lenders, it is vital that lenders do take the advice they feel is necessary to make a fully informed decision.

OSC recommends that advice is sought from suitably qualified professionals before committing funds to any Lender Group.

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