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Orchard Secured Capital
Lend-Invest Your MoneyLoans for Property

Peer to Peer Lending:

Whether you’re looking to lend for fixed interest returns or borrow against property assets, we can help you find exciting and intelligent solutions.

As a lender-investor, you may be seeking a greater return than is being offered elsewhere.

As a borrower you may need a loan to buy, improve or re-develop a property.

So How Does Peer to Business Lending & Borrowing Work?

Peer-to-business lending & borrowing works by introducing lenders seeking fixed interest returns to selected borrowers and cutting out the financial institutions.

This approach is attractive for both parties because it often improves rates of return for investors and increases the availability of lending for borrowers.

OSC limits its Lender transactions to a minimum of £25,001 and its borrower transactions to a minimum of £250,000.

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